Alice Hamilton Lecture

Alice HamiltonThe Division of Occupational & Environmental Medicine sponsors an annual named lectureship in honor of Dr. Alice Hamilton, the recognized founder of the modern discipline of Occupational Medicine in the US. The lecture occurs as a part of the Department of Medicine Medical Grand Rounds presentations, reaching a broad audience of internists, including physicians in training, many of whom are rarely otherwise exposed to this topic area.

The 2020 Alice Hamilton Lecture "Inside/Outside:  Why an Internist Should Care About Air Pollution" was presented by Dr. John Balmes on Thursday March 12, 2020. .

Past Alice Hamilton Lectures:

2019 Lynn R. Goldman(George Washington University, Washington DC) - Climate and Health: Hurricane Maria as a Case Study

2018 Rodney Ehrlich (University of Cape Town, South Africa) - Mineworkers’ Health in South Africa – the Perfect Storm of Dust, Tuberculosis and HIV

2017 Marc Schenker (UC Davis) and Xóchitl Castañeda (UC Berkeley) - The Occupational Health of Immigrant Workers: What an Internist Needs to Know

2016 Paul Cullinan (Imperial College, London) - From Baker’s Asthma to Machinist’s Lung

2015 Caroline Tanner and Samuel M. Goldman (UCSF) – Parkinsonism at Work and in the Environment

2014 Jonathan Samet (USC) – The Risks of Breathing: Workplace & Environmental Threats to Lung Health

2013 Talmadge King (UCSF) – Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis: A Paradigm of Occupational and Environmental Disease

2012 Kjell Toren (Gothenburg, Sweden) – Pneumonia and Occupation: A New Paradigm for Investigating the Work-relatedness of Disease

2011 Kay Kreiss (NIOSH, West Virginia) – Investigating Emerging Work-Related Diseases

2010 Benoit Nemery (Leuven, Belgium) – Outbreaks of Occupational Disease: Form the Clinic to the Factory Floor and the Laboratory

2009 Josep Anto (Barcelona, Spain) – Unusual Environmental Disease Episodes: From Causation to Precaution

2008 David Schwartz (NIEHS, North Carolina) – Genes and the Environment: What’s in it for the Internist?

2007 David Christiani (Harvard) – Byssinosis in the 21st Century

2006 Brian Schwartz (Johns Hopkins) – Chronic Occupational Disease: Evidence-Based Diagnosis

2005 Peter Spencer (University of Oregon) – Neurotoxins: New Approaches to Old Problems

2004 Gina Solomon (NRDC, San Francisco) – Why Should an Internist Care about Environmental Disease?

2003 Joel Kaufman (University of Washington) – Emerging Occupational and Environmental Disease

2002 Carrie Redlich (Yale University) – Why Internists Should Care about Occupational Disease

2001 No lecture

2000 Lee Newman (University of Colorado) – Occupational Causes of “Idiopathic” Conditions: Lessons for the Internist

1999 Patricia Buffler (UC Berkeley) – What Providers Need to Know about Occupational Health

1998 Howard Kipen (RWJ-Rutgers) – Gulf War and Related Health Syndromes: Unexplained Symptoms and Unknown Exposures

1997 Howard Hu (Harvard) – Lead Poisoning: A New Look at an Old Disease

1996 Susanna Von Essen (University of Nebraska) – Overview of Farm Health and Safety

1995 Mark Cullen (Yale University) – Occupational Medicine: Why It should Matter to an Internist

1994 Margot Becklake (McGill, Montreal) – Diseases of Life versus Diseases of Work

1993 Inaugural Alice Hamilton Lecture given by Philip Landrigan (Mt. Sinai, New York)